30 ~ 225AF Small capacity
  • Easy panel production through unification of main dimensions
    - Handle Cutting Size : 24X52mm
    - Product Height : Uniform to 60mm
  • Improved breaking capacity : 35kA at AC460V(High blocking Type)
  • Compatible with New & Old Products
  • Easy Attachment
  • Acquired KS for all models
400 ~ 800AF Medium capacity
  • Improved breaking capacity
    - 400AF : 65kA at 460V(Korea type)
    - 800AF : 85kA at 460V(Korea type)
  • Expansion of model: Economic type, Standard type, High blocking type, Korea type
  • Sensitivity Current Selection Function(200,500mA)
  • MCCB remote control possible in combination with Attachment SHT (at the time of ground fault)
  • MCCB and image transformer (ZCT) all-in-one, greatly reducing material and labor costs
  • PANEL installation space reduction
  • Built-in ZCT passed the rigorous test of the Korea Fire Protection Agency
  • ONE TOUCH type coupling structure (ZCT withdrawal line)
  • Improved assembly and quality due to replacement of 600AF (3P, 4P)
  • Cost reduction and price competitiveness by reducing the size of 600AF (3P, 4P)
  • Added models from ELCB 400AF 3P to 600AF 3P, 4P
  • ZCT built-in 400AF (3P, 4P) to ZCT built-in 600AF (3P, 4P) models added
  • MCCB, ELCB, ZCT built-in MCCB same size
  • Increase use and convenience of user by adopting attachment cartridge method
  • The mounting hole position (44 × 194) is the same, so it can be replaced with 600AF.
  • External Size: 3P 140×257×103, 4P SIZE 3P: 184×257×103
  • Acquired NEP Certification