President Message

In the 21st century, we are demanding continuous development of change technology in the midst of fierce competition.
In particular, the electricity business has contributed to social development as the most fundamental industry in achieving social development.

As Darwin's theory of evolution explains that a species that survived change, not a strong species, is not a weak species, but rather a strong species, no matter how hard it is, I think companies and countries can continue to grow as they adapt to the changes of the times.

Based on 60 years of tradition and technical skills, Dong-A Electric is a learning organization that shares and learns work quickly in the company. We promise to become a trusted global small and strong company that grows in the face of change by actively advancing into new product development through ethical management and transparent management through quick adaptation and quick decision-making.

Chairman Kim, Gwang Soo

Since its foundation, it has achieved growth and development as the present Dong-A Electric Co., Ltd, overcoming many hardships and trials in the primary industry related to electricity.

I think our company has been able to grow thanks to the cooperation of many suppliers, the dedication of all our employees, and the interest and love of our customers.

In the future, Dong-A Electric will do its best to enhance its R&D capabilities and become a competitive small and medium-sized company in the global era through greater performance technology development and quality improvement innovation by taking advantage of its 60 years of tradition and honor through transparent management, ethical management.

President Kim, Hye Won